17 August 2009

Good Lincoln Books

Lincoln and His Generals is a wonderful little gem written by T. Harry Williams and published in 1952. It is a concise and clear look at Lincoln actions as commander-in-chief. If you are interested in the war and how Lincoln conducted military affairs, please read this book (although it is hard to find!)

Williams does not get bogged down in military minutia, he concentrates instead on Lincoln's evolving plans and strategies. You will learn about Lincoln, and also better understand Civil War battle tactics. One caveat--you won't be very fond of General George B. McClellan after reading this volume!

I was introduced to Lincoln and His Generals in graduate school (Southern Illinois University) in the early 1980s, and I now re-read it every year. I will probably read it again soon. And better yet, I still have my dog-eared, paperback copy of the 1952 Vintage/Knopf edition, different cover and all (see below).

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